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Picture of adult flea.
    Kill fleas!
Break the life cycle and gain control. 
Life cycle of a flea. 

Fleas are a parasite, needing a host to feed on.  Adult fleas need a blood feeding in order to reproduce and keep the life cycle going.

Removing the animal from the environment, only removes the host the fleas feed on.  Without treatment and control,  you become the host.  Fleas then begin to bite you, and your family. 
Cleaning and vacuuming carpets and floors.Regular vacuuming before and after treatment helps in controlling an outbreak.
In bad infestations, changing the vacuum bag after through cleaning is highly recommended.
Medications for animals and family pets. 
 There are many shampoos and topical flea treatments available over the counter, for your animal directly.  Ask your vet which is the best or your animal.

Flea topical for your animal. 

 Keeping your animal and environment flea free is important and the responsible thing to do...  And your animal will love you for it!
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