Pest Pounders - Flies - St. Clair Shores, MI
Fruit flies are a red flag to a food handling establishments sanitation efforts.  When customers see them, it's a sign that the kitchen is dirty.
Clogged and dirty drain.
Notice the clogged and dirty drains.  The black organic material caked on,  and inside the drain is breeding material.
Fruit fly breeding site - dirty drain. 

 Regular cleaning of the drains removes the breeding material. Breaking the life cycle. 
Adult fruit fly, with little red eyes.
Adult fruit flies have those little beady red eyes!
Fruit flies breed, laying there eggs in the organic material that coats the drain and surrounding areas.   Regular cleaning of the drains keeps the flies and the odors that come with the dirty drains.                                
Sewer fly or drain fly. 

 Drain flies or sewer flies look like little black moths.  Most will begin to notice activity in restrooms or in basement floor drains.
Drain gels can help with diry drains. 

 In addition to regular cleaning and sanitation programs.  New drain gels and micro-bio cleaners are available, and great tools that can help in control.
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