Pest Pounders - Pavement ants - St. Clair Shores, MI
Pavement ants are a big problem for many residential and commercial structures.  Structures with slab foundations tend to have more issues. As the ant start to forage for food, you may find them moving across your kitchen counter, feeding the piece of dropped food, or going after the pets food dish. 
Ants feeding on cracker.
Ants can sometimes be seen traveling in a line to and from a food source.  They follow a scent trail through pheromones.
ants following scent trail. 


Finding sand mounds in the lawn, driveway, or sidewalks.  They enter structures through small gaps, cracks, and expansion joints.
Pavement ant mound in the sidewalk. 

Over time, as the ants continue to excavate the sand from under the slab. Eventually the slab will sag or crack under heavy weight.
Pavement ants are problems in many commercial settings.  Most see as harmless ants.  However,  for a hospital,  nursing home,  school,  or day care center,  not only does it look unsavory, but requires an IPM program to be in place.
Dentist office or medical facility setting.
Regional hospital emergency room. 

Most medical type facilities tend to have white or very light color floors.   Crawling ants stand out without even looking for them. 
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