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Spiders tend to be a large problem as the season changes.  Going from spring to summer, and then again when summer goes into fall.   Spiders feed on other insects, and are mother natures pest control.   If you tend to see alot of spiders around your property, they most likely have bugs to feed on...

bugs trapped in a spider web.
 As the bugs collect in the webs and supply food for the spiders...  they make the exterior look "creepy"  and "spooky."
black spider on the move.

Spider control service or seasonal treatment can help keep the bugs and spiders to a minimum.  
 Spiders do bite, and many can cause you severe medical problems.  Some spiders, like the brown recluse spider bite is painful and can take months to heal.
adult brown recluse spider.
Brown recluse spider bites are not only very painful, but they do alot of tissue damage which heals very slowly.
Notice the dark colored "violin" marking behind the head.  Longer, slender legs are identifying characteristics of a brown recluse spider.
Brown recluse spider.
Brown Recluse spider bite wound.
infected spider bite wound.Brown recluse spider bites are serious and can take months to heal and land you in the hospital.  If you get bit by a brown recluse spider you should see a doctor and if possible trap in container for positive identification.
Spider control starts around the exterior.  Seasonal treatments not only reduce the numbers of spiders, but also your general crawling insects. 
Pest Pounders completes a 3 step process in all spider control and seasonal exterior services. 
Exterior sweeping of webs and old nests.
1.  Complete exterior sweeping.  our special broom removes all the old webbing and bees nests.  Also restores that curb appeal again.
Entry point into the structure.
2.  Complete dusting of the gaps and cracks around the exterior.  Bugs enter the structure through these small gaps and cracks. 
exterior retaining wall.
3.  Complete liquid treatment around exterior including all entryways, windows, openings, old nesting sites, and foundation.
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