Pest Pounders - Wasp/ bees/ hornets - St. Clair Shores, MI
Stinging pests like wasps, bees, and hornets can ruin a nice day.  Being stung is serious, and to some it can be deadly.
Small umbrella bees nest.
Wasp and bee removal. 

Bald-faced hornet nest in a tree. 

 We kill,  and remove the nests whenever it is possible.  No matter the size.  Big or small.  If the nest is visible we generally can remove same day!
Picture of a large bald-faced hornet. 

These bald-faced hornets really pack a punch.  If you get stung,  you will remember it!
Large nest in a corner of a attic.
Bees going in and out of a small hole from the exterior may actually be a large nest like this,  in a corner of an attic.
Exposed void nest in between the walls. 
Void nests can get quite large.  Early spring, they slowly start to get active.  You will see an occasional  "straggler."
Late fall they begin to "straggle" inside as the temperature begins to get colder.
Regular pest control programs help maintain a standard level of protection against general pests, and the ones that sting.
    Nests are treated and removed...
  Exterior treatments to help prevent   building of nests.
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