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Excess moisture...
Spring clean out!
Warmer days are near.
Spring brings spiders!
Inspection time.


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Excess moisture...

    Run those dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture from interior areas during the rainy season.

Spring clean out!

Spring is here and so are the spiders.  After fall, and a mild winter, the spider activity is ramping up.  Call you local Pest Pounder to remove the old ugly webs and put down the exterior hammer...

Warmer days are near.

    The days are getting warmer and warmer.   This is the time of year for spider and insect season.   Timing is everything...Call your Pest Pounders for your seasonal treatment.

Spring brings spiders!

     Spider season is rapidly approaching.  Spiders are going to be foraging heavy 0n any opportunity to find a meal.  Call your professional today for your season treatment.

Inspection time.


Weather will be changing and home repairs will be getting started.   checking for gaps around windows and door seals.  Don't overlook an important inspection.  Having a wood destroying insect/ termite inspection done on a annual basis could help avoid very costly repair and remedies.

Baby season...

Baby season will be here in a hurry.  They look cute and playful.  However they can do a great deal of damage to your house...


Check your crawlspace vents to see if they need repair.  This will help keep the rodents from entering the structure.

Cute Newborns???

 We will be in season for live animal activity to become more noticeable.   Raccoons and squirrels love to take refuge in residential attics.  Look for potential access areas.

Changing of the season.

    Winter will be moving on and the warmer days will be rolling in.  As the sun comes out and starts to warm up those void areas, keep a close eye for the damage causing carpenter ants. 

Screen your deck!

Putting a deck on the property that is close to the ground, requires a bit of planning for live animals and rodents.  Be sure to install some mesh screening around and you will be able to keep animals from living underneath.
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