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Powder Post Beetles


    Powder post beetles are wood destroying insects.  Very often over looked and under inspected.  If let go, they do serious structure damage.  Regular yearly inspections should be done.  Monitoring for any new activity.


Be Smart

     I hear of nightmare cases from everyday homeowners, how they had someone basically rob them of money, and Trust.  These guys give all of us real professionals who take their work seriously, a bad name.  They ruin the trust of the public and give the pest control industry as a whole, a bad name.  Truth is a good majority of these cases could be prevented.  Be smart, make sure the company you hire is licensed, and insured.  Be sure the technician that comes to do the work is certified by the state.  Ask to see their green card, their state certification card.  If they can't show you it, for any reason,  REFUSE SERVICE!

Dead body removal.

    Dealing with a horrible odor after a rodent issue is addressed can be a tricky.  Finding a professional that is willing to inspect for a dead body is tough enough.  A true pro, will crawl into ma nasty crawlspace and at least make an attempt to find.  Even though you may not find the dead body, you have to at least exhaust all options and make every effort you can to locate the odor.

Spring is now here.

     Spring is here and so are the spiders.  Now is the time to start those exterior barrier treatments.  As the spiders are moving, making webs and making themselves more visible.  Call your professional today and schedule your service.

Think Exterior?

      This is the time of year to think about the exterior of the home.  Putting down the barrier treatment now can make a difference in the pest activity inside your home in the coming months.  

Spider Season


   Spider season is starting to pick up quickly... After a long and cold winter, insects are starting to become active and making themselves a quick meal for the hungry spiders.   Keep control.  Keep up on the exterior,  make sure vegetation is at least 18 inches away from the structure.  

Spring Season


   Beware of the bugs.  Spring season brings on the foraging activity.  Spiders and carpenter ants will be on the move.  Carpenter ants cause a lot of damage to your home, if left unchecked.  Treatment is needed. 

Spring! Into action!

   Now with the spring season slowly coming in, so do the bugs begin to move around and forage.  Keep the centipedes, earwigs, spiders, pill bugs, sow bugs, and the rest of the early season moisture related insects to a minimum.  Call you favorite pest professional and get those treatments done...

Hotel Precautions.

     When staying in hotel or motels, for just one night or many, don't just walk into the room and plop your luggage on the bed.   Leave your stuff on the bathroom sink or in the bath tub.  Go to the bed and pull back sheets and padding, look for staining, eggs, anything that may appear suspect.  Check furniture like chairs and couch areas.  

Be Proactive...

      As spring approaches and the snow begins to melt, thawing the ground.  The bugs will begin to start moving after a very long winter.  Carpenter ants, centipedes, and spiders will become active again, foraging for food.  Get your treatments in early before you get a major problem.

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