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Bed bugs

Hotel Precautions.

     When staying in hotel or motels, for just one night or many, don't just walk into the room and plop your luggage on the bed.   Leave your stuff on the bathroom sink or in the bath tub.  Go to the bed and pull back sheets and padding, look for staining, eggs, anything that may appear suspect.  Check furniture like chairs and couch areas.  

Keep it clean...

   When dealing with a bed bug infestation, be very detailed in your approach.   First begin with a inspection.  Do some very intensive cleaning like steaming and vacuuming your bedding and furniture.  Get deep into the cracks of the seams and furniture.  Pay attention to what your doing and always be looking for evidence.  

Beware of the bed bugs!

With bed bugs becoming more of a problem around the Metro Detroit area, take notice to your surroundings.  Be careful where you go, where you stay, and who you let come over.  Be careful when buying used items, especially furniture.Write your post here.
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