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Live animals

Baby season...

Baby season will be here in a hurry.  They look cute and playful.  However they can do a great deal of damage to your house...

Cute Newborns???

 We will be in season for live animal activity to become more noticeable.   Raccoons and squirrels love to take refuge in residential attics.  Look for potential access areas.

Furry friends in the attic?

    Long and very consistently cold this year in Metro Detroit has drove many animals such as squirrels and raccoon's in residential attics.  For them, staying alive is the key.  They can however be very destructive forces of nature. Tearing up insulation, damaging roofs, and vents leads to very expensive repairs.  Live trap and relocate them to their natural habitat.

Fall clean - up

    As you are doing your fall clean ups, keep in mind rodent season is right around the corner.  Take some time to look for entry points around the water hose, air conditioner line, or small gaps that rodents would enter when it starts to get cold.  Look for larger bushes and trees that over hang the roof which would allow live animals like squirrels and raccoons to access your attic.

Live animals

When building a structure or a deck off the house, enclose the open area with metal screening to keep the raccoons, opossum, and skunks from living underneath.
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