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Rogue Officials!

Stand your ground!

Sometimes small businesses come under attack by those haters who want you to fail.   When you start to grow, you also become a threat.  When city officials have to get involved and start changing the laws because 1 rogue person wanted to be a bully and overstep their authority.  You fight back!  You look them in the eye, call them out in front of their coworkers and the public.  Make them shameful, if possible.  

Keep On The Road North.

As you try to build a small business.  One based on customer service and proving a great service at a fair price.  You begin to find that you ruffle the feathers of those who operate more based on profit and money.  When 1 rogue official gets involved as a favor for their friend to put the squeeze on... You call their bluff,  grow even larger and gain a bigger presence.  Turn it around.  Make them all play by the same rules... Now the sleeping giant is done being poked and prodded.  NOBODY COMES AT MY FAMILY!  YOU STEP UP  - YOU BETTER COME CORRECT.  NOW ITS PERSONAL!
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