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Spring brings spiders!
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Spring clean out!

Spring is here and so are the spiders.  After fall, and a mild winter, the spider activity is ramping up.  Call you local Pest Pounder to remove the old ugly webs and put down the exterior hammer...

Spring brings spiders!

     Spider season is rapidly approaching.  Spiders are going to be foraging heavy 0n any opportunity to find a meal.  Call your professional today for your season treatment.

Spring is now here.

     Spring is here and so are the spiders.  Now is the time to start those exterior barrier treatments.  As the spiders are moving, making webs and making themselves more visible.  Call your professional today and schedule your service.

Spider Season


   Spider season is starting to pick up quickly... After a long and cold winter, insects are starting to become active and making themselves a quick meal for the hungry spiders.   Keep control.  Keep up on the exterior,  make sure vegetation is at least 18 inches away from the structure.  
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