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Residential bed bug case

Bed bugs have become a very large problem for the Metro Detroit area. They are "hitch-hikers" by nature, transported easily from place to place. Be aware when you go or stay somewhere. Be careful who you let come over or stay. And watch out where you buy used items. You can never be too cautious...  Always leave bed bug control to a professional.         

Pest Pounders, kills bed bugs...Save and protect your property.  

Bed bugs on top mattress.

Bed bugs appear like apple seeds.

Most people generally will start to find small bite marks on them. Often mistaken for flea or mosquito bites in the seasonal months.

Careful inspection of bedding, mattresses, and furniture needs to be done. Looking for live bugs, eggs, and dark staining, or spotting.

Look for activity around the cracks and seems of bedding areas.

The dark spotting or staining on mattress shows dried fecal matter.

Eggs will almost look like a fine small piece of white rice.

Bed bugs and mattress staining.

Bed bugs in furniture.

*** Bed bug treatment prep checklist ***

  1. Strip beds down to the mattress and remove items from underneath for access to inspect and treat.

  2. Remove items from dressers, nightstands, and storage. Fabric and clothing items should be washed and dried on cycle of high heat.

  3. Remove all clutter. Items not needed on a regular basis should be removed or trashed. Reducing the clutter not only eliminates harborage areas but also provides a technician with more access.

  4. Through cleaning and vacuuming of the furniture gaps, cracks, and creases. Floors around the baseboards and moldings. Remove and discard bag after cleaning.

  5. There is no substitute for prepping. Don't waste your money if you can't prep for treatment. Remember, your results are only going to be as good as your preparation.

*** After treatment ***

  1. Mattress encasements are a must! After treatment, your mattress needs to have an encasement. Replacing a mattress is expensive. Protect it.

  2. Keep the clutter and stored items to a bare minimum.

  3. Maintain a regular cleaning and vacuuming schedule.

  4. Be patient, give time for treatment to work and be effective, don't do any "extra" treatments. 

  5. Monitor over time. Again be careful, don't allow another "hitch-hiker" to move in with you.

Mattress encasements are important in the process of treatment and control. They may also help provide a restful night of sleeping!

Professional control doesn't have to cost you a fortune...

If you have called one of the "big" companies, call us and see how we can provide better service and save you money!!!

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