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Rats and mice have become a major problem for homeowners and cities around the Metro Detroit area.

Rodent populations have exploded over the years. Some areas around the Metro Detroit are making headline news. 

Rodent burrow hole

Rat burrow hole around exterior.

Finding rodent burrows around the exterior are sure signs that there is a problem.

Frequent inspections of exteriors, garages, sheds, wood piles, and crawlspaces can help identify a problem early.   

Crawlspace baiting for rodents

Crawlspace vent on house

Crawlspace vent with bad screening

Crawl space vent with bad screening.

Damaged screens allow rodents to enter at will...

Repair damaged ones ASAP.  

Houses with crawlspaces are easy targets. 

exterior rodent access hole.

Rodent infested crawlspaces will begin to have a very foul smell from their urine.

Rodent chewed lattice.

Gap underneath decking accessible to rodents.

Look for chewed and scratched areas around structures, like low sitting decks.

Open areas around the exterior, allow them to work their way into the interior.

Rodent droppings in a basement ceiling.

Rat fecal droppings located on top of basement drop ceiling.

We KILL rodents on your property fast and efficient... Always leave rodent control to a professional.

Mouse inside a bait station

mouse inside bait station.

Dead rats in a basement

Dead rats in basement area.

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