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Cockroach infestation-kitchen

Major problem!!!

Cockroaches cause allergies and breathing problems! They reproduce quickly and build to large populations. If you see 1, there are many more, you can't see. We kill cockroaches! 

German cockroach eggs.

German cockroach eggs.

Female German cockroach with egg capsule. The 1 egg capsule will hatch many baby roaches.

German roaches will usually be found in kitchen cabinets, sink areas, refrigerators and freezers. Other appliances such as ovens, smoke detectors, microwaves, coffee makers, and other electrical appliances.     Always leave cockroach control to a professional. 

Dead German cockroach.

Dead German cockroach.

Cockroach fecal points.

Cockroach fecal points

Cockroaches leave behind fecal droppings. Causing respiratory problems, they can make you sick!  

For a food establishment, they can RUIN a business and its reputation, or get you shut down!

Pest control programs are very affordable. Monthly services not only give you control over a persistent problem, but also are there to monitor any problems before they become big problems!

We KILL cockroaches fast and aggressively. With industry leading equipment, products, and service techniques we get the results you are looking for. Trusted reputation... We are #1 in the Metro Detroit area.

Open 7 days...Flexible Scheduling...

586 - 563 - 0152

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